I homeschool…but not for these reasons


I’m a lucky mama to be homeschooling my kids in a day when it’s not totally weird-o. Just kinda weird-o.

For my first thirty-three years, I’ve survived living in the “kinda weird-o” box. I can handle it for a few more (not that I’ve found the exit).

There are maybe a hundred reasons I homeschool.

But these are not those reasons. Maybe you or your mama or your neighbor’s boyfriend’s cousin’s dentist’s sister homeschool for these reasons. Just not me. Later I’ll tell you why I DO homeschool, but these are the reasons that do not compel me to school my kids at home.

In no particular order:

1. Because I am a highly qualified teacher, who knows more about education than those schmucks at the local school. I am not a trained teacher and probably never will be.

2. Because I can’t find a local school. Honestly, our neighbor across the street thought we homeschooled because we weren’t aware there was a public school a mile away. Thanks for the help, neighbor!

3. Because I am so patient and kind that my children can’t stand the thought of being away from me for one second. For the record: homeschool mama does not equal unending-patience-mama.

4. Because I don’t see the value in working hard around the clock and making a buck doing it. Honestly, a paying job seems too good to be true (Lunch breaks? Every day?? Paid vacation time? Sick leave? Performance bonuses? Weekends?). 

5. Because I would lose my identity if I ever parted from my darling offspring. I am my own person. They are separate people. We just live, work, and learn together.

6. Because, somewhere deep inside, I knew my life wouldn’t be complete unless I repeated kindergarten. Three times. And then first grade. Three times. And then second grade…

7. Because I don’t want my kids to be influenced by other people. Ok, for punk kids who want to “influence” my children, this may be a reason. But goodness sakes, I want my kids to be influenced by as many good people in this world as possible. There are so many kinds of people and each one has their own story. I want my kids to be influenced by those stories.

8. Because I want to protect my kids from everything. I do want to protect my kids from some things (porn, unnecessary violence, nasty jokes), but have you ever read the Bible with your kids? You can’t even avoid tough subjects in Sunday school. And hiding your kids under a rock does them a disservice when they finally do find their way out into the world. So I don’t want to protect them from all things; I want to have a say in when and how my kids encounter tough subjects.

9. Because the Bible commands it. The Bible does command parents to teach and train their kids, but it does not forbid other types of schooling. Homeschooling is just one God-glorifying option.

And most importantly:

10. Because I am better than you. I am not. I do not homeschool because I am Mrs. Incredible. It’s the right thing for our family, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for yours. We’re all trying our best to give our kids a fighting chance in this world and there are a thousand ways to do that. 


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