4 ladybugs munching

We worked into the dark yesterday. All day, we had studied: grammar, math, history, science, penmanship, spelling. Yet you’re never fully schooled without your art project.

Inspired by IEW, we talked about verbs ending with -ing. Each child chose an animal–penguins for J, pigs for H, and ladybugs for D. We counted from 1-10 and assigned the -ing verbs to a number. Munching, cleaning, sleeping, jumping, fighting, swimming–these animals do it all.

We practiced drawing penguins, pigs, and ladybugs. (Mo Willems helped with piggie inspiration.) Then blank books slowly filled with illustrations. The concentration level was high. So was satisfaction.

“Shh, let’s not show Dad until we’re finished!”

“Oh, look at those ladybugs with messy faces from macaroni and cheese!”






Every subject, every day will not be so exciting. But yesterday we were learning with three brains actively engaged, fully present, and hopefully committing to memory that learning is a joy. And learning with family is a double portion.


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