learning on vacation

We just enjoyed a few weeks in another state and a province of Canada. For my kids, vacation means grandparents and grandparents mean story time, playtime, and so much love.


I’m glad to have other adults share the load–but mostly, I’m happy to have my kids hear love and truth from older lips, from wiser hearts, from experienced lives

It’s not traditional book learning, but it is the learning that will stick: that citronella added to a bonfire makes flames leap, that walking in the fog means you can’t see anything but the person holding your hand, that fresh snow is made for snow angels, that snowmen will never miss their nose if you happen to need a snack. that laps are for snuggling, and dog necks are not for pulling, that napping babies make everyone in the house tiptoe and whisper. that people are people no matter their age, skin color, size, or perceived value.


And perhaps–if we’re lucky–vacation’s rest and family’s love will fuel the flames of another term of traditional learning.


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